Frequently Asked Questions

Cemetery rules & regulations

Cemeteries generally have specific guidelines with regard to the types of memorials allowed. Often there will be restrictions limiting the size, shape, color, etc. These restrictions can sometimes vary from section to section in a cemetery. As a service to our customers: DeChristopher Brothers contacts the cemetery in which your memorial is to be placed to ensure the rules and regulations of the cemetery are met.

It is however, the ultimate responsibility of the customer to make sure the memorial meets those specifications provided.

I am uncomfortable doing this on-line, what are my options?

We are a local reputable dealer with 8 locations. You can visit any of our showrooms. Call our toll free number 800-358-6696, or Request our brochure

I cannot get to one of your locations, what are my options?

We will bring our office to you.

Call for an appointment at 800-358-6696 and we will be there for you at the time you need.

My funeral home also sells monuments

DeChristopher Brothers specializes in monuments and memorials and has done so for over four generations over 100 years. We provide knowledge, experience and answers to any concerns while making the memorialization process easy to understand. Be an educated consumer, compare quality and price.

For more information check out our Consumer Tips page.

They are recommending a specific dealer, why should I consider purchasing elsewhere?

DeChristopher Brothers has been a well established family run business for over four generations and over 100 years.

We stand behind every piece of work, provide a wealth of experience and craftsmanship as well as providing the best in service.

What aspects of purchasing a memorial do I need to compare if shopping at multiple dealers?

When shopping at multiple dealers:

  • There are a few specs that you will want to compare to make sure you are getting a fair price on the same monument from location to location.
  • Always be sure when comparing; price, size, color, shape and design that they are not always the same.
  • Two stones that seem the same size, shape, and design, but differ in color, can have a fairly significant price difference.
  • Always compare!
  • Make sure they are the same.
  • Stone makes a difference.
What aspects of purchasing a memorial do I need to compare if shopping at multiple dealers?

A monument should be ordered when the family and/or loved ones feel comfortable and prepared. You should never feel rushed into any decision when it comes to memorialization. It is a tough and difficult time for many and at DeChristopher Brothers we understand the time and process’ involved. This is why we will always be here to provide insight and expertise when you feel ready to memorialize.

Do I have to wait for the grave to settle before deciding on a memorial?


You do not have to wait for the grave to settle before make a decision to memorialize. The cemetery pours a concrete foundation at the head of the grave, thus the soil is never disturbed and nothing has to settle before work can be completed. We can permanently install your memorial once the foundation is prepared.

How long does the process take from when I place an order until completion?

It takes an average of 10-12 weeks (weather permitting) after you order your monument until it is completed and installed.

It takes an average of 18-24 weeks (weather permitting) after you place an order for lettering to be completed.

We can accommodate rush orders, but we ask that you please plan ahead if you have a specific date in mind for completion.

Can I pick up the headstone myself?


Headstones are delivered straight to the cemetery or where ever you designated as the destination address.

The cemetery said that you must sign a form and submit it to them, what should I do?

We will provide all the necessary paperwork that the cemetery requires.

What type of memorial do I need?

There are many variables. It depends on the cemetery and the location within the cemetery. All cemeteries have there own rules and regulations that also factor into what type of memorial is allowed. We will send one of our representatives to the grave site. They will do a visual inspection of the area and be able to advise you as to the size and style of monument that will fit well in the area.

I live in another state or country. Can I still order with you?

Yes, DeChristopher Brothers provides services no matter where you are located.
Feel free to give us a call toll free at 800-358-6696 or request information by request our brochure

How do I go about adding a name to a stone already in place at a cemetery?

After providing us with the necessary information;
One of our representatives will go out to your stones location and take a rubbing of the stone and/or a photo so that our draftsmen and sandblast department can properly match the font and size existing on the stone so that an accurate duplication can be provided.

What is an unveiling?

An unveiling is a formal dedication of a memorial. In former times family and friends may have gathered and physically installed the monument. Nowadays the memorial is installed prior to the unveiling. The stone or plaque may be veiled. Prayers are offered, words of eulogy shared and the veil is removed.

What about cemetery of installation fees?

DeChristopher Brothers does not include the foundation fees in our price. You will be required at the time of your purchase to leave a second check just for the cemetery. As a courtesy, we will file and furnish all the necessary paperwork to the cemetery so you do not have to.

What options do I have for payment?

DeChristophers offers various ways to pay:

  • On monument orders we ask for 1/3 deposit, 1/3 with approved sketch, 1/3 after completion.
  • On lettering orders we ask for 1/2 deposit, 1/2 after completion.
  • Lay-away Plan: A 25% deposit is due upon signing of contract.
  • Cemetery fees (permit and / or foundation charges) get paid up front as well.

*Clients may make payments until the balance is paid in full at 0% interest for the first 12 months. 10% interest (based on remaining balance) will be applied should the payment plan exceed one (1) calendar year.

What kind of cemeteries are there?

A lot:

Traditional Cemeteries allow monuments of various materials. Some cemeteries have limits on the shapes and sizes on the monuments that are to be installed. Some traditional cemeteries have sections that only allow grass markers. Grass marker Cemeteries allow only markers that are flat with the ground and corner post that are at ground level. Bronze Only Cemeteries allow only bronze markers that are mounted on a granite base and that are flush with the ground.

What is the difference between Marble and Granite?

Marble is softer.

Marble has a single mineral, Calcite, mainly limestone that has been compressed and is softer then Granite. Granite is formed from molten rock and is made up of a number of minerals. Granite will last longer and is more durable.

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