Terms & Conditions

On memorial purchases:

1/3 deposit at signing of contract plus any applicable cemetery fees (which vary);

1/3 additional deposit at the approval of the proof of the memorial; balance due within 10 days of final installation.

Standard delivery (any in-stock shape, design and color):

12-16 weeks after receipt of all initial signed documents and deposits on domestically fabricated memorials;

All special orders (special shapes, hand carvings, non-standard sizes or finishes and some imported colors) 18-24 weeks.

Please note that all delivery is approximated and that modifications to the delivery can and will be determined by weather, shipping/customs, any any other act of God.

Special payments:

Terms/payment plans are available on memorial purchases;

Please speak with sales representative at the time of purchase.

On inscriptions:

To existing memorials in the cemetery purchases:

1/2 deposit plus any applicable cemetery permit charges (which vary);

Balance within 10 days after completion.

Standard completion times vary:

Since this is a service provided in the outdoors;

The elements play an important role in determining completion times;

However, in general, most are completed within 12-16 weeks after permit from cemetery is approved (if applicable).


All orders are subject to delays caused by strike, lockout, fire or any other conditions beyond our control.

All orders are subject to the laws of each State.

All orders are not subject to cancellation after acceptance;

Any cancellations are subject to a processing fee.

Ownership of products take effect upon receipt of final payment.


Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice on this site.

Please ask the sales staff if there have been changes at the time of purchase that you need to be aware of.

Important Notice: Please read our statement regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.