An Important Message From DeChristopher Brothers!

Information about Aggressive Cemetery Sales Practices and the New Catholic Cemetery Management.

With the onset of cemeteries being either sold or managed by nationwide conglomerate firms, most recently, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemetery System we find it a public service notification to advise you of your rights when it comes to purchasing any service or merchandise from these firms.

If you currently own burial privileges or are considering the purchase of the same, please note that

Understand that you are NOT obligated to speak to any sales representative NOR obligated to purchase any services or merchandise from them. If you do decide to enter into conversation with ANY sales representatives, we again encourage you to COMPARE PRICES and the PRODUCTS or SERVICES being offered.

BE ADVISED that if you purchase any products, in either a pre-need or at need manner, such as memorials, vaults, caskets or any other burial merchandise from the cemetery sales representatives; you could potentially be spending more than if you were to purchase the same items from DeChristopher Bros. Inc., or any other locally or family owned cemetery merchandise business.

Be very cautious with ANY contact you may have with anyone representing these cemeteries and be very inquisitive. Keep in mind that these conglomerates are in the business of purchasing or taking over cemeteries and are able to do so by using the funds generated from you, the public, who may be considering purchasing burial merchandise from them.

If you should have contact you may have with anyone representing these cemeteries and be very in questions or concerns regarding any type of memorial products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be honored to speak with you, just as we have been doing for 100 years, with no obligation. While visiting our website, please go to our FAQ page for more answers to commonly asked questions regarding memorials and related services.